Angelika Knothe

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Recent studies suggest a circannual pattern of bone turnover. To further investigate the underlying mechanisms, 41 healthy subjects (25-80 years old) living in a southwestern German city were studied prospectively over a period of 18 months. Participants were examined every 4 weeks, and blood and urine samples were obtained on each visit. The following(More)
Müller (glial) cells of the rabbit retina were stained with antibodies against the intermediate filament protein vimentin in retinal wholemounts from various developmental stages. Both the density of stained profiles and the mean diameter of these profiles were measured, with the microscope focus in the inner plexiform layer of the retinae. Within this(More)
To provide a quantitative description of postnatal retinal expansion in rabbits, a new procedure was developed to map the retinae, which cover the inner surface of hemispheres or parts of rotation ellipsoids, in situ, onto a single plane. This method, as well as the known distribution of Müller cells per unit retinal surface area, were used to estimate the(More)
We present a theoretical study of frequency correlations of light backscattered from a random scattering medium. This statistical quantity provides insight into the dynamics of multiple scattering processes accessible in theoretical and experimental investigations. For frequency correlations between field amplitudes, we derive a simple expression in terms(More)
The occurrence of spontaneous tumours in 8 female quails (C. coturnix japonica) aged 1.5-3 years was stated. In 7 females the adenocarcinomas of the oviduct with numerous metastases in the abdominal cavity were recognized. In one female the haemangiosarcoma arising from the pleura with few metastases in the abdominal cavity was found. The possibility of(More)
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