Angelika Herz

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Rats were trained to detect the stimulus properties of fentanyl, 0.04mg/kg. Tested acutely, fentanyl generalized to, and morphine substituted for, the fentanyl training stimulus, although morphine was approximately 100-fold less potent than fentanyl in producing this stimulus. Subsequently, these rats were implanted with pumps (0.25ml volume) that delivered(More)
Healthy turkeys receiving 80 ppm monensin in their feed were injected at 26, 40 and 61 days of age with tiamulin at dosages of 12.5 and 25 mg/kg body weight. The aim of the study was to develop a regime for medicating with tiamulin turkeys receiving monensin in their feed, and which would circumvent the known toxicity created by the simultaneous(More)
Healthy male turkeys not receiving monensin in their feed were treated with tiamulin by various methods and at different ages. Nine cycles of treatments were performed at the ages of 26, 40, 61, 89, 103, 117, 131, 145, and 160 days. Intramuscular of subcutaneous injections of 12.5 mg/kg tiamulin up to 145 days did not result in any signs of toxicity or(More)
Lung carcinoma of sheep (Jaagsiekte) is a bronchiolar-alveolar cell carcinoma. Differences in the ultrastructural patterns of early and advanced lesions of the disease are described. A-type and C-type viruses were observed in advanced tumors and were absent in early lesions. Numerous microtubules were characteristic in the epithelial tumor cells of the(More)