Angelika Deutschmann

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Patients in a vegetative state (VS) show a spontaneous wake-sleep-cycle but no evidence of awareness, of interaction with the environment, voluntary action, and language comprehension. The neuropathological conditions underlying VS are still not fully understood. In this retrospective study we focused on VS due to hypoxia and used SPECT, VEP and event(More)
Two children were weaned from long-term tube feeding after liver transplant because of Alagille syndrome. The children were successfully weaned, one in seven days and the other in 13 days, using our standard and highly specialized intensive treatment protocol. Normal feeding behavior and stabilization of body weight were established. Children fed by(More)
PURPOSE Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)-based detection of tyrosinase mRNA is the most frequently used laboratory method for the detection of circulating tumor cells in melanoma patients. However, previously published results showed considerable variability in the PCR positivity rates. MATERIALS AND METHODS We designed a(More)
UNLABELLED In adults, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is associated with an increased risk of thromboembolic complications. The pathogenesis of IBD is not really clear and a high thrombin activity might contribute to disease progression. We wanted to see whether children with IBD have a higher thrombin generation (TG). PATIENTS, MATERIAL, METHODS Plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Physical exercise leads to an elevated coagulation activity with a possibly disturbed hemostatic balance. Therefore patients with coronary heart disease have a potentially increased risk of thromboembolic events after a bicycle exercise tolerance test, that is frequently performed for diagnostic reasons. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with(More)
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