Angelico Bedini

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The structural effect induced by therapeutic ultrasound on proteins in aqueous solution has been investigated with FTIR spectroscopy, UV-VIS spectroscopy, circular dichroism and light scattering. Six proteins (cytochrome, lysozyme, myoglobin, bovine serum albumin, trypsinogen, and alpha-chymotrypsinogen A) with different molecular weight and secondary(More)
PURPOSE To detect possible clastogenic and aneugenic properties of a 50 Hz, 650 muT magnetic field. MATERIALS AND METHODS The micronucleus test with CREST (Calcinosis, Raynaud's phenomenon, Esophageal dismotility, Sclerodactility, Telangectasia) antibody staining was performed on liver and peripheral blood sampled from newborn mice exposed to an ELF(More)
Ultrasound (US) induced enhancement of plasma membrane permeability is a hugely promising tool for delivering exogenous vectors at the specific biological site in a safe and efficient way. In this respect, here we report effects of membrane permeability alteration on fibroblast-like cells undergoing very low-intensity of US. The change in permeability was(More)
Microbubbles are a well-established contrast agent which improves diagnostic ultrasound imaging. During the last decade research has focused on expanding their use to include molecular imaging, targeted therapy and imaging modalities other than ultrasound. However, bioadhesion of targeted microbubbles under physiological flow conditions is still difficult(More)
This work is focused on the in vitro study of the effects induced by medical ultrasound (US) in murine fibroblast cells (NIH-3T3) at a low-intensity of exposure (spatial peak temporal average intensity Ita<0.1Wcm(-2)). Conventional 1MHz and 3MHz US devices of therapeutic relevance were employed with varying intensity and exposure time parameters. In this(More)
BACKGROUND The paper reports the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (emf) measurements carried out in the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute (NCI). Several devices, used in diagnostics and in medical cures, can represent sources of emf for the workers and for the public subjected to the treatments. The aim is to evaluate their exposition, in(More)
Ultrasound effects on biological samples are gaining a growing interest concerning in particular, the intracellular delivery of drugs and genes in a safe and in a efficient way. Future progress in this field will require a better understanding of how ultrasound and acoustic cavitation affect the biological system properties. The morphological changes of(More)
Although medical ultrasound offers compelling opportunities to improve therapy in principle, progress in the field has been limited because of an insufficient understanding of the potential genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of ultrasound on biological systems. This paper is mainly focused on an in vitro study of effects with respect to genotoxicity and(More)
PURPOSE The experiment was performed to prove that exposure to a relatively weak extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field retards tadpoles' development. METHODS Two cohorts of Xenopus laevis laevis (Daudin) tadpoles were exposed during their immature period ( approximately 60 days) to a 50 Hz magnetic field of 63.9 < or = B < or = 76.4 microT rms(More)
The aim of this study is to evaluate the presence of contents related to communication and information on the exposure to the electromagnetic fields (emf) in the first 100 Italian Internet sites, carried out using the search engine Google with the key words "emf" and "emf and health". Each Internet site has been evaluated using 10 selected indicators: (1)(More)