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Psychological Entitlement: Interpersonal Consequences and Validation of a Self-Report Measure
Nine studies were conducted with the goal of developing a self-report measure of psychological entitlement and assessing its interpersonal consequences. The Psychological Entitlement Scale (PES) wasExpand
Chewing on it can chew you up: effects of rumination on triggered displaced aggression.
Ruminating about a provocation increases the likelihood of displaced aggression following a minor annoyance (trigger). In Study 1, provoked participants who ruminated for 25 min were more aggressiveExpand
Narcissism, sexual refusal, and aggression: testing a narcissistic reactance model of sexual coercion.
Laboratory analog studies investigated the theory that narcissism and reactance contribute to causing rape. In Study 1, narcissism correlated positively with rape-supportive beliefs and negativelyExpand
Violence and sex impair memory for television ads.
Participants watched a violent, sexually explicit, or neutral TV program that contained 9 ads. Participants recalled the advertised brands. They also identified the advertised brands from slides ofExpand
Development and testing of the velicer attitudes toward violence scale: evidence for a four-factor model
::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::: :::::::::::: The factor structure of the Velicer Attitudes Toward Violence Scale [VATVS; Velicer, Huckel and Hansen, 1989] was examined in three studies. Study 1 (n 5Expand
You've got mail: Using e-mail to examine the effect of prejudiced attitudes on discrimination against Arabs
Abstract This study examined subtle forms of discrimination directed towards Arabs. Participants were sent a “lost” e-mail intended for someone else. The surname of the intended recipient was eitherExpand
Remembering more than meets the eye: A study of memory confusions about incomplete visual information
The purpose of this series of four experiments was to examine the possible role of spontaneous imagery in memory confusions about the way in which visual information had been experienced. AfterExpand