Angelica Lo Duca

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A Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) relies on the implicit assumption that nodes cooperate towards message forwarding. However, this assumption cannot be satisfied when there are malicious nodes acting as blackholes and voluntarily attracting and dropping messages. In this paper we propose a reputation-based protocol for contrasting blackholes. Every node(More)
The EU-funded project UAN (Underwater Acoustic Network) was aimed at conceiving, developing, and testing at sea an innovative and operational concept for integrating underwater and above-water sensors in a unique communication system to protect offshore and coastline critical infrastructures. This work gives details on the underwater part of the project. It(More)
Methodologies and algorithms are presented for the secure cooperation of a team of autonomous mobile underwater sensors, connected through an acoustic communication network, within surveillance and patrolling applications. In particular, the work proposes a cooperative algorithm in which the mobile underwater sensors (installed on Autonomous Underwater(More)
In this paper we illustrate Tourpedia, which would be the DBpedia of tourism. Tourpedia contains more than half a million places, divided in four categories: accommodations, restaurants, points of interests and attractions. They are related to eight locations: and Tuscany, but new locations are continuously added. Information about places were extracted(More)
In this paper we describe a security suite for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks comprising both fixed and mobile nodes. The security suite is composed of a secure routing protocol and a set of cryptographic primitives aimed at protecting the confidentiality and the integrity of underwater communication while taking into account the unique characteristics(More)
The OpeNER Linked Dataset (OLD) contains 19.140 entries about accommodations in Tuscany (Italy). For each accommodation, it describes the type, e.g. hotel, bed and breakfast, hostel, camping etc., and other useful information, such as a short description, the Web address, its location and the features it provides. OLD is the linked data version of the open(More)
In the last few years the amount of manuscripts digitized and made available on the Web has been constantly increasing. However, there is still a considarable lack of results concerning both the explicitation of their content and the tools developed to make it available. The objective of the Clavius on the Web project is to develop a Web platform exposing a(More)