Angeles Vacio

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Most women experience changes surrounding the start of menstruation. These changes are influenced by sociocultural context. Consequently, certain changes are more pronounced in some cultures than in others. Girls enter menarche with a clear set of paramenstrual expectations that may alter their menstrual cycle-related experiences when they become(More)
This survey explored para-menstrual changes that Mexican pre-menarcheal girls expect to experience and paramenstrual changes actually experienced by post-menarcheal girls. The survey included 95 pre-menarcheal girls who reported what they expected to experience in the para-menstruum, and their answers were compared with para-menstrual changes reported by 98(More)
The objective of this study was to determine both the perimenstrual changes that Mexican premenarcheal girls expect to experience and their attitudes toward menstruation. A total of 750 premenarcheal girls in fifth and sixth grade were studied. Participants completed a Perimenstrual Change Checklist, which listed 20 negative possible perimenstrual changes(More)
This is an exploratory, descriptive study of how premenarcheal Mexican girls perceive the information about menstruation given by mothers, their feelings and attitudes toward menarche, and their attitudes toward males being aware of a girl's menarcheal status. One hundred twenty-six premenarcheal urban girls completed an incomplete story about an imaginary(More)
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