Angeles Rojas

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The putative genetic risk of people occupationally exposed to nitrogen fertilisers was studied using the structural chromosome aberration assay in peripheral blood lymphocytes. The exposed group included 23 subjects working at complex and mixed fertiliser plants. The percent of aberrant cells (Ab.C %) and break to cell ratio (B/C) were 0.95% and 0.01(More)
Therapeutic fibrinolysis is ineffective in 40 % of ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients, but understanding of the mechanisms is incomplete. It was our aim to compare the composition of coronary thrombus in lysis-resistant STEMI patients with that of lysis-sensitive patients. Intracoronary thrombi (n=64) were obtained by(More)
A study of structural chromosome aberration frequencies in blood lymphocytes was performed in a group of 20 oil catalytic cracking unit workers and in 26 subjects belonging to the office staff of an oil refining plant, as well as in 35 matched controls. Subjects in the latter group were of the same sex (males) and similar age as the exposed group, and had(More)
Five concentrations (50-860 mg/kg) of residues obtained after distillation and lyophilization of commercial tequila were injected into mice for evaluation of chromosome aberrations, sister-chromatid exchanges, and proliferation kinetics in mouse bone marrow cells. Appropriate positive and negative controls were included. Our results showed significant(More)
Subjects working at a rubber plant in a chemicals warehouse or in calandering and bambury units were analyzed for both sperm parameters and structural chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes. Sperm analysis was performed in a group of 24 workers for comparison with fertile (n = 24) and infertile (n = 24) control groups. The statistical(More)
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