Angeles Rincón

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 Experimental plantations were established in northern Spain to determine the effects of different ectomycorrhizal fungi on growth and survival of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) under field conditions. Douglas-fir seedlings were inoculated with Laccaria bicolor S238 mycelia in two bareroot nurseries in central France or with spore(More)
 Although Pinus pinea L. is an important forest species in the Mediterranean region, few reports exist on its ectomycorrhizal associates. Sixty isolates, obtained from fungal sporocarps collected in mixed forests of P. pinea in Catalonia (northeastern Spain), were tested for ectomycorrhiza formation on containerized P. pinea seedlings when applied as(More)
A novel method for the separation of milk-fat globule membrane (MFGM) isolate by microfiltration in the presence of citrate was applied to prepare a fraction to be used to stabilize oil-in-water emulsions. The emulsifying properties of this fraction, containing high amounts of MFGM, were compared with a buttermilk concentrate (BMC) prepared in a similar(More)
Environmental disturbances define the diversity and assemblage of species, affecting the functioning of ecosystems. Fire is a major disturbance of Mediterranean pine forests. Pines are highly dependent on the ectomycorrhizal (EM) fungal symbiosis, which is critical for tree recruitment under primary succession. To determine the effects of time since fire on(More)
In this work we study the behavior of a time discrete multiregional stochastic model for a population structured in age classes and spread out in different spatial patches between which individuals can migrate. The dynamics of the population is controlled both by reproduction-survival and by migration. These processes take place at different time scales in(More)
In low speed gearboxes, shaft rotation and Gear Mesh Frequencies are lower and closer requiring higher spectral resolution in order to identify each one. Normally this problem is avoided increasing the acquisition time. Nevertheless, sometimes load and speed are variables, so the working period on stationary conditions is shorter. In these cases, it is(More)
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