Angeles Holgado

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Cultured rat glial cells display a Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange system located at the plasma membrane levels. This was evidenced by the Na+ (i)-dependency of a Na+ (o)-inhibitable influx of Ca2+, or reversal exchange mode. This antiporter has an external site where monovalent cations (K+, Li+, and Na+ were investigated) stimulate the exchange by a chemical action.(More)
An in vivo preclinical study has been made of the oral absorption of morphine (CAS 57-27-2) from a new sustained release formulation (morphine-Eudragit L complex, MEC), which had shown good sustained release properties in in vitro dissolution studies. The absorption of morphine from capsules filled with morphine hydrochloride trihydrate (MHT) or MEC was(More)
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