Angeles Gil

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Genetic and environmental prenatal factors influencing the fluctuating asymmetry of the a-b interdigital ridge count are examined. From the results obtained we can conclude that fluctuating asymmetry of the a-b interdigital ridge count is poorly influenced by genetic factors. We suggest that fluctuating asymmetry of dermatoglyphics provides a good measure(More)
We have analyzed the a-b ridge count and its fluctuating asymmetry in a sample (331 males and 290 females) from the Basque region of Alava province, Spain. Significant bimanual differences in the a-b ridge count are apparent only for females, and the sexual differences are significant for both hands. A comparison of the results in the Alava Basque(More)
Digestible carbohydrates are one of the main sources of dietary energy in infancy and childhood and are essential for growth and development. The aim of this narrative review is to outline the intakes of digestible carbohydrates and their role in health and disease, including the development of food preferences, as well the consequences of excess(More)
In a previous paper we introduced the so-called 'extended determination co-efficient' as a real-valued measure of the strength of association between two interval-valued random elements (assumed to be formalized as compact convex random sets). In the setting of least squares fitting of a 'linear' relation between interval-valued data based on a generalized(More)
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