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Elevated Markers of Endothelial Dysfunction Predict Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Middle-Aged Men and Women From the General Population
Men and women with elevated levels of sE-selectin had a significantly increased risk of type 2 diabetes after multivariable adjustment and VWF was measured in a subsample with available plasma samples. Expand
Plasma Viscosity and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
A positive and statistically significant unadjusted relationship between plasma viscosity and the incidence of CHD was found and may reflect several aspects involved in cardiovascular diseases, including the effects of classic risk factors, hemostatic disturbances, and inflammation. Expand
Uric Acid Levels Are Associated With All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Independent of Systemic Inflammation in Men From the General Population
Whether increasing serum uric acid (UA) levels are related to cardiovascular disease mortality, all-cause mortality, and incident (fatal and nonfatal) myocardial infarction in men from the general population taking into account C-reactive protein (CRP), a sensitive marker of systemic inflammation is assessed. Expand