Angela Yee-Man Leung

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Microfluorimetric studies were carried out to investigate the effects of hypoosmotic swelling on intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) in single rat epididymal cells. In Ca(2+)-free solution containing 50 mumols/l ethylenebis(oxonitrilo)tetraacetate (EGTA) hypoosmotic swelling (-160 mosmol/l) induced a transient rise in [Ca2+]i which was either(More)
A study was carried out to investigate the short-circuit current (Isc) response to noradrenaline (NA) and the signal transduction mechanisms involved in cultured rat cauda epididymal epithelium. In normal Krebs-Henseleit solution, NA (10 mumol.l-1) added basolaterally elicited a biphasic Isc response consisting of a transient spike followed by a second(More)
A study was carried out to investigate an ATP-sensitive Ca2+ pool in rat epididymal cells and its role in transepithelial Cl- secretion. In normal buffered solution containing 2.5 mM free Ca2+, ATP triggered single calcium spikes in a dose-dependent fashion. In nominally Ca(2+)-free solution, the peaks of successive Ca2+ spikes diminished after repeated ATP(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the effectiveness of a translated version of Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregiver Health (REACH) II in Hong Kong's service delivery context. METHOD The localized intervention was adapted from REACH II with 12 individual-based sessions, which addressed multiple domains including disease education, safety, caregiver(More)
Health literacy is the first step to self-management of type II diabetes mellitus, of which physical activity is the least compliant behavior. However, no reviews have summarized the effect and the process of interventions of health literacy oriented programs on physical activity behavior among middle aged and older adults with type II diabetes mellitus.(More)
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