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This study investigated the oxidative transformation of four controlled substances (ketamine, methamphetamine, morphine, and codeine) by synthesized MnO2 (δ-MnO2) in aqueous environments. The results indicated that ketamine and methamphetamine were negligibly oxidized by MnO2 and, thus, may be persistent in the aqueous environment. However, morphine and(More)
Economic growth inevitably influences the food chain. Growing demand with changes in lifestyle and health consciousness encourage use of packaged and pre-prepared foods. The needs of environmental protection from waste generated are largely overlooked, and a lack of knowledge about the impact on the environment and its health effects constitute food(More)
Information Systems project failure has retained its preeminent position as one of the most important research streams in the past decades. Many studies attempt to understand what causes project failure as it is known as the first and most important step to effectively manage projects and avoid project failure. One of the most important reasons causing(More)
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