Angela Y. Lee

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This research demonstrates that people's goals associated with regulatory focus moderate the effect of message framing on persuasion. The results of 6 experiments show that appeals presented in gain frames are more persuasive when the message is promotion focused, whereas loss-framed appeals are more persuasive when the message is prevention focused. These(More)
What political candidates say during their campaign and when they say it are critical to their success. In three experiments, we show that abstract, " why "-laden appeals are more persuasive than concrete, " how "-laden appeals when voters' decision is temporally distant; the reverse is true when the decision is imminent, and these results are strongest(More)
Research has shown that temporarily primed motivational orientations have essentially the same effects on how people pursue their goals as their chronic orientations. This article shows that, despite the interchangeability of temporary and chronic motivations, primed motivational orientations that are incongruent with chronic orientations create(More)
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