Angela Velardi

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The Authors describe an optimized procedure for the isolation of rat pancreatic acini and the preliminary results concerning the functional characterization of the cells. Isolation is carried out by two sequential digestive steps in a KREBS modified medium containing collagenase, separated by an intermediate step in which acini separation is fostered by(More)
The effect of phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol on bile salt-induced cytotoxicity was investigated. Experiments were performed in both human erythrocytes and cultured CaCo-2 cells, a model system for gastrointestinal epithelium. Hemolysis induced by 50 mmol/L sodium-taurocholate was reduced by both lecithin and cholesterol in a concentration-dependent(More)
Impaired gallbladder motility is common in gallstone patients and might be associated with other gastrointestinal defects. Twenty patients with small stones in an opacified gallbladder at oral cholecystography and 20 healthy subjects homogeneous for sex, age and body size were studied by ultrasonography to assess gallbladder and gastric emptying(More)
Institutes often lack funds and manpower to perform large-scale biodiversity monitoring. Citizens can be involved, contributing to the collection of data, thus decreasing costs. Underwater research requires specialist skills and SCUBA certification, and it can be difficult to involve volunteers. The aim of this study was to involve large numbers of(More)
A fluorimetric method for the study of intracellular Ca++ metabolism in rat pancreatic acini is described. Following previous reports on the utilization of the new intracellularly trapped fluorescent dye fura2 in human lymphocytes, the authors point out the relevance of the cellular and fura2 concentration as critical issues for an accurate evaluation of(More)
The influence of gender, age, body size, cholelithiasis, and obesity on fasting gallbladder volume (GBV) was investigated by real-time ultrasonography in a general population cohort of subjects whose ages were between 30 and 69 yr, living in Bari, a Southeastern Italian city. Of the 2076 subjects analyzed, 1246 (60%) were males and 830 (40%) were females(More)
Fasting and postprandial gallbladder volumes have been measured by sonography both in healthy subjects and gallstone patients ingesting: (a) tauroursodeoxycholic acid; (b) ursodeoxycholic acid; (c) placebo. Each bile salt was given at a dose of 10 mg kg-1. Sonography was repeated in gallstone patients fed tauroursodeoxycholic acid or ursodeoxycholic acid(More)