Angela Slavova

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Dynam}c behav}or of a new class of information-processing systems called Cellular Neural Networks s investigated. In th}s paper we introduce a small parameter n the state equat}on of a cellular neural network and we seek for period}c phenomena. New approach is used for proving stability of a cellular neural network by constructing Lyapunov’s major}z}ng(More)
Piezoelectrical material with heterogeneities of nano-inclusions is considered in the case when it is subjected to time harmonic electro-mechanical load. The model is defined by the system of two partial differential equations and the boundary conditions for the generalized stress. On the exterior boundary, boundary conditions prescribe traction on the part(More)
The nonlinear diffusion PDE have been broadly applied in image processing. In this paper we propose a convection - diffusion filter by adding a convection term in the modified diffusion equation as a physical interpretation for removing the noise. We study the dynamics of such equations by the discretization of this convection - diffusion model via Cellular(More)
A singularly perturbed system of differential equations with degenerate matrix at the derivative is considered. The existence and construction of the periodic solutions are investigated in critical case. For the analysis of these algorithms the apparatus of Lyapunov’s finite majorizing equations is used. An implementation of this method is given in two(More)