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The relation between benign breast disease and breast cancer was investigated in a case-control study of postmenopausal patients selected either by diagnostic procedure sampling (mammography 150 cases and controls, breast biopsy 107 cases and controls) or by conventional sampling procedures (257 controls to match total number of cases). For mammography(More)
OBJECTIVE Case report and literature review for congenital pulmonary lymphangiectasis (CPL) CASE REPORT: Male fetus with bilateral pleural effusion, thoracoamniotic shunt, preterm delivery, and prolonged neonatal course with neonatal death at 3 months. Autopsy-identified CPL. DISCUSSION Review of pathology, clinical course, and genetics of CPL. (More)
Objective. To evaluate confidence, knowledge, and competence after a simulation-based curriculum on maternal cardiac arrest in an Obstetrics & Gynecologic (OBGYN) residency program. Methods. Four simulations with structured debriefing focusing on high yield causes and management of maternal cardiac arrest were executed. Pre- and post-individual knowledge(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the change in indications for scheduled deliveries during the Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative's initiative to decrease scheduled deliveries for nonmedical indications before 39 weeks of gestation. METHODS Documented indications for scheduled deliveries between 36 0/7 and 38 6/7 weeks were categorized as: strong medically(More)
Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state (HHS) is a serious complication of uncontrolled hyperglycemia. Paralleling the obesity epidemic, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is increasing in a younger population. Therefore, obstetricians must be prepared to deal with the complications of this disease. We present a unique case of new-onset diabetes resulting in HHS. A(More)
The present study used an experimental paradigm that combined sentence priming, lexical decision, and visual hemifield stimulation to investigate the relationship between dyslexia and linguistic processing by the two hemispheres. It was predicted that left hemisphere (LH) superiority for word recognition in a constraining versus a neutral sentence context(More)