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CAODV: Routing in mobile ad-hoc cognitive radio networks
This paper deals with the routing in cognitive mobile ad hoc networks. We propose to modify the widely adopted Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol [1] in order to assure itsExpand
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Reactive routing for mobile cognitive radio ad hoc networks
Although more than a decade has passed from the proposal of the Cognitive Radio paradigm, in these years the research has mainly focused on physical and medium access issues, and few recent worksExpand
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Correlation-Aware User Selection for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
This paper develops a solution for the problem of uncorrelated user selection in mobile cognitive radio ad hoc networks, with the objective to increase the performance of cooperative spectrumExpand
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Mobility-Aware User Association for 5G mmWave Networks
In this paper, we design a mobility-aware user association strategy for millimeter-wave (mmW) networks to overcome the limitations of the conventional received power (RSS)-based associationExpand
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Primary-user mobility impact on spectrum sensing in Cognitive Radio networks
In this paper, the effects of the primary-user (PU) mobility on spectrum sensing in Cognitive Radio (CR) networks are studied. To this aim, first, the spectrum sensing problem is reformulated toExpand
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Beyond 5G: THz-Based Medium Access Protocol for Mobile Heterogeneous Networks
This article presents a network architecture for the next generation of MHNs, where mmW, terahertz, and conventional mW bands coexist, with cost-benefit trade-offs of each type of link. We envision aExpand
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Quantum internet: from communication to distributed computing!
In this invited paper, the authors discuss the exponential computing speed-up achievable by interconnecting quantum computers through a quantum internet. They also identify key future researchExpand
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Optimal Database Access for TV White Space
In TV White Space, the unlicensed users are required to periodically access a database to acquire information on the spectrum usage of the licensed users. In addition, the unlicensed users can accessExpand
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Decision Maker Approaches for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing: Participate or Not Participate in Sensing?
Cooperative spectrum sensing techniques are mainly based on two different decision approaches, according to the role of the decision maker: i) in the Combining Decision approach, the decision makerExpand
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Optimal Primary-User Mobility Aware Spectrum Sensing Design for Cognitive Radio Networks
A key issue of the spectrum sensing functionality in Cognitive Radio (CR) networks is the ability of tuning the sensing time parameters, i.e., the sensing time and the transmission time, according toExpand
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