Angela Santiago

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The effect of caffeine (CAF) and nicotinamide (NMD) on the solubility of a vitamin B2 derivative (FMN) has been evaluated for mixtures containing either a single hydrotrope (CAF or NMD) or the two hydrotropes simultaneously. A model for analysis of ternary systems, which takes into account all possible complexes between the molecules, has been developed and(More)
A general model of competitive binding in drug–interceptor–DNA systems has been developed in order to quantify both the interceptor and protector mechanisms. The model involves full parameterization of the basic equations governing the mutual competition between drugs binding to DNA and incorporates as partial cases various similar models existing in the(More)
Draw-fill culture was evaluated as a method for xylanase production by Cellulomonas flavigena on sugar cane bagasse. Specific xylanase activity and volumetric xylanase activities were measured by harvesting 50%, 55%, 60% and 70% of fermented broth at the end of each subculture. Maximum specific (64 IU mg–1 protein) and volumetric (166 IU ml–1) xylanase(More)
Supercapacitors also known as electrochemical capacitors, that store energy via either Faradaic or non-Faradaic processes, have recently grown popularity mainly because they complement, and can even replace, conventional energy storage systems in variety of applications. Supercapacitor performance can be improved significantly by developing new(More)
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