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CD38 encodes a ligand in the oxytocin signaling pathway. Some single nucleotide polymorphisms in this gene have been associated with low serum oxytocin levels in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) patients. Oxytocin disruption has been hypothesized to account for features of ASD, including impaired communication and social behavior, based on animal studies.(More)
Some copy number variants (CNVs) are strongly implicated in both schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Childhood-onset schizophrenia (COS) occurs rarely with 0.1-1% of all schizophrenia diagnoses manifesting before age 10. 3q29 deletions are associated with both autism and schizophrenia, and are rare-the frequency of the deletion estimated to(More)
Chromosomal abnormalities, such as unbalanced translocations and copy number variants (CNVs), are found in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) [Sanders et al. (2011) Neuron 70: 863-885]. Many chromosomal abnormalities, including sub microscopic genomic deletions and duplications, are missed by G-banded karyotyping or Fragile X screening alone and are picked up(More)
HESX1 is a paired-like homeodomain transcription factor that functions as a repressor of PROP1-mediated gene stimulation. Mutations in HESX1 have been implicated in cases of septooptic dysplasia and congenital hypopituitarism. All mutations in HESX1 identified to date have resulted in impaired DNA binding and defective HESX1 action. We have identified a(More)
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