Angela S. Wood

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In most areas, estimating the presence and distribution of cryptic marine mammal species, such as beaked whales, is extremely difficult using traditional observational techniques such as ship-based visual line transect surveys. Because acoustic methods permit detection of animals underwater, at night, and in poor weather conditions, passive acoustic(More)
OBJECTIVES : PEPFAR's initial rapid scale-up approach was largely a vertical effort focused fairly exclusively on AIDS. The purpose of our research was to identify spill-over health system effects, if any, of investments intended to stem the HIV epidemic over a 6-year period with evidence from Uganda. The test of whether there were health system expansions(More)
While poverty reduction has become the central focus of the multilateral institutions, research into macroeconomic policy has lagged behind and continues to be almost solely growth-focused. This paper aims to contribute to one policy area, that of capital account regulation, and sets out a framework of linkages to poverty. The key conclusion is that while(More)
The oncology practice setting can be a highly emotional workplace because nurses provide care to many of the same patients and their families over time. Comparing and contrasting nurses from different clinical settings would provide insight into the more common themes of nursing grief and might give guidance on how to educate nurses about this in different(More)
Forms of human milk banking and donation have been present for more than a century worldwide, but, since 1985, the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HM BANA) has established guidelines to make the use of donor's breast milk safe and the second best form of feeding to maternal breast milk for a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) infant. The(More)
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