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The frequencies at which vegetative cells and spores of Clostridium botulinum strains 56A, 62A, 17409A, 25763A, 213B, B-aphis, and 169B formed colonies on agar media containing 0, 10(sup2), 10(sup3), and 10(sup4) IU of nisin per ml at 30(deg)C were determined. Strain 56A had the highest frequencies of nisin resistance, while strains 62A, 169B, and B-aphis(More)
BACKGROUND Infections with HIV still represent a major human health problem worldwide and a vaccine is the only long-term option to fight efficiently against this virus. Standardized assessments of HIV-specific immune responses in vaccine trials are essential for prioritizing vaccine candidates in preclinical and clinical stages of development. With respect(More)
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