Angela S Denning

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BACKGROUND There are limited data on the extent of women's use of herbal medicines during pregnancy, despite the fact that knowledge of the potential benefits or harms of many of these products is sparse, particularly with respect to their use in pregnancy. We aimed to measure the prevalence of herbal medicine use in a group of pregnant women attending a(More)
OBJECTIVE to explore the use of folic acid and other vitamin supplements before and during pregnancy, including type, dosage and form; who recommended supplement use and for what reason; and women's understanding of why they took folic acid. DESIGN cross-sectional survey. SETTING a public tertiary referral hospital in Melbourne, Australia. (More)
METHODS A questionnaire was administered to 958 women attending the antenatal clinic at Mercy Hospital for Women, Melbourne, to ascertain their choice of title during pregnancy Midwifery, nursing and medical staff (376 in total) were also invited to respond to a similar questionnaire. RESULTS The response rate was 73.6% from the survey of all women who(More)
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