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To evaluate quali-quantitatively ischemic liver injury due to acute cardiocirculatory failure (ischemic hepatitis), and its real clinical signification, 200 out of 1165 autopsy records with ACF clinical diagnosis were selected; 33/200 (16.5%) shown centrilobular necrosis without inflammatory component, accompanied or not by midzonal compromise. Grade IV(More)
IL-2 is a key cytokine in cell-mediated immunity and currently is used in clinical trials as immunologic therapy in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive patients. Although cutaneous reactions to IL-2 therapy are common, bullous reactions are rare. We report a case of an HIV-positive patient who received multiple cycles of IL-2 therapy and developed a(More)
Data provided by 51 voluntary blood donors identified as asymptomatic HBsAg carriers five to ten years (mean = 7.5 years) before their inclusion in the study are analysed towards their long-term evolution. HBsAg clearance was estimated 2.5% yearly and 83.9% of those remaining positive showed the classical non-replicative serological pattern; another 12.9%(More)
207 cases of oesopha-gastric endoscopic exfoliative citology was realized during 1976-1977, 126 was malignant and 81 non-malignant. The high general diagnosis posivity in oesophagus (96,9% without erroneous posivity, and a posivity of 88,8% en stomach, with 4,2% erroneous posivity are remarked. The quick diagnosis, the easy technique and the unexpensive(More)
Data from 1035 laparoscopic examinations were evaluated with 1% general morbidity and 0.1% death rate - Comparative diagnostic sensibility, specificity and predictive value between endoscopic and histologic findings from 748 cases (408 diffusse - parenchimatous liver diseases, 246 focal - nodular lesions, and 94 normal liver) were calculated. General(More)
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