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Crucial virulence determinants of disease causing Neisseria meningitidis species are their extracellular polysaccharide capsules. In the serogroups W and Y, these are heteropolymers of the repeating units (→6)-α-d-Gal-(1→4)-α-Neu5Ac-(2→)n in NmW and (→6)-α-d-Glc-(1→4)-α-Neu5Ac-(2→)n in NmY. The capsule polymerases, SiaDW and SiaDY, which synthesize these(More)
Neisseria meningitidis (Nm) is a leading cause of bacterial meningitis and sepsis. Crucial virulence determinants of pathogenic Nm strains are the polysaccharide capsules that support invasion by hindering complement attack. In NmW-135 and NmY the capsules are built from the repeating units (→ 6)-α-D-Gal-(1 → 4)-α-Neu5Ac-(2 →)n and (→ 6)-α-D-Glc-(1 →(More)
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