Angela Romaniuc

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"A significant increase in coverage error in the 1986 [Canadian] Census is revealed by both the Reverse Record Check and the demographic method presented in this paper. Considerable attention is paid to an evaluation of the various components of population growth, especially interprovincial migration. The paper concludes with an overview of two alternative(More)
Serological examinations revealed Y. enterocolitica 0:3 specific antibodies in 34% of 80 children affected by a yersiniosis epidemic at titres of 1/40-1/640 and in all sporadic Yersinia enteritis cases. Similarly, agglutinins were identified for Y. enterocolitica 0:3 and 0:9 in 3.4% of 430 appendectomized children hospitalized with painful syndrome in the(More)
OBJECTIVE: The periodical evaluation of the population specific protection against the diseases included in the National Immunization Program (NIP) is necessary in view of the strengthening strategies. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study was performed in 2001 y on a representative sample of 714 children aged less than 5 years old. The determination of antibody(More)
"This paper analyses the prospects for age distribution in Canada through 2036, based on today's age structure and expected trends in fertility and international migration. Simulating these two demographic components at extreme levels shows that tomorrow's aging is already built into the current age distribution, which is heavily marked by the post-war(More)
3 different perspectives on the below-replacement fertility in Quebec and in Canada are defined and discussed, and the possibility that political solutions will be sought for the demographic problem of low fertility is assessed. The 1st perspective views very low fertility as an outcome of social evolution that is common to advanced societies. In this(More)
MATERIAL AND METHOD The studies have been carried out in 855 males and females aged over 20 years belonging to the general population and health care profession included in the European Sero-Epidemiology Network (ESEN) Programme aimed at assessing the population immune background against hepatitis B virus. The serological markers, represented by HBsAg,(More)
This paper attempts to use projections as a means of creating rather than discovering the future. The concept of predictability in projections is discussed as is the practical importance of the procedures of projections. Consideration is made for logistic growth, demographic transition, and probabilistic conceptualization of demographic events in the(More)