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The Relationship Between Violence in the Family of Origin and Dating Violence Among College Students
Gender differences in the relationship between exposure to violence during childhood and physical and psychological abuse perpetration and victimization are examined, indicating that childhood exposure toviolence is a consistent predictor of involvement in relationships characterized by violence for males and females. Expand
Risky lifestyles and dating violence: A theoretical test of violent victimization
Research consistently indicates that there are numerous risk factors associated with dating violence. Few studies, however, developed theoretical explanations for the prevalence of datingExpand
Are Institutions of Higher Learning Safe? A Descriptive Study of Campus Safety Issues and Self‐Reported Campus Victimization among Male and Female College Students
This descriptive study provides an empirical examination of issues related to campus safety including college students’ perceptions of fear and perceived risk of crime as reported by a convenienceExpand
A Longitudinal Assessment of the Victim-Offender Overlap
Results indicate that there is a considerable degree of overlap between victims of physical violence and offenders over time and that certain covariates including school commitment, parental monitoring, low self-control, and sex significantly discriminate victim and offender groups. Expand
Gender Differences in Factors Contributing to Institutional Misconduct
Importation and deprivation theories are typically offered to explain the process by which inmates adjust to prison environments. Nearly all prior empirical tests of these theories have exclusivelyExpand
Law Enforcement Officers’ Attitudes About Domestic Violence
The results show that officers are well versed in handling domestic violence, though self-reports indicate that police personnel who respond to the calls are concerned about their limited amount of discretion. Expand
The Influence of Delinquen Peers on Delinquency
Research indicates that gender is one of the strongest correlates of juvenile delinquency. Additionally, a growing body of literature suggests that the association with delinquent peers is anExpand
Assessing the Overlap in Dating Violence Perpetration and Victimization among South Korean College Students: The Influence of Social Learning and Self-Control
Research has recently begun to identify an overlap of involvement in offending and victimization and a shared commonality of risk factors for both outcomes. Despite this growing body of evidence,Expand
Specifying General Strain Theory: An Ethnically Relevant Approach
The current study incorporated principles from the acculturation literature to specify an ethnically relevant general strain theory (GST). This study argues that the acculturation process exposesExpand
Gender and general strain theory: A replication and exploration of Broidy and Agnew's gender/strain hypothesis among a sample of southwestern Mexican American adolescents
Based on recent theoretical and empirical advancements in general strain theory (GST) research, this study explored the possible extension of GST to explain both interpersonal aggression and propertyExpand