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BACKGROUND Most research efforts in periodontal epidemiology have focused on middle-aged or older people, giving a picture of disease occurrence at a relatively late stage in the natural history of the condition. There is a paucity of comprehensive descriptive data from younger age groups. Understanding the epidemiology and clinical presentation of the(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyse the effect of TFG-beta 1 on wound healing in standardized Class II furcation defects of 48 mandibular second premolar teeth in 24 sheep. The experimental design included a control group (carrier only, 25% pluronic F-127), and 2 experimental groups: group A (80 micrograms/ml TGF-beta 1 + carrier) and group B (80(More)
UNLABELLED Research has shown that manuka honey has superior antimicrobial properties that can be used with success in the treatment of wound healing, peptic ulcers and bacterial gastro-enteritis. Studies have already shown that manuka honey with a high antibacterial activity is likely to be non-cariogenic. The current pilot study investigated whether or(More)
AIM To determine any association between pre-term low birth weight (PTLBW) neonates and periodontal disease during the mother's pregnancy. DESIGN A multi-centered prospective case cohort study. SETTING Ante-natal clinics at the Colonial War Memorial and Lautoka Hospitals, Fiji from 1st January to 30th June 2004. PARTICIPANTS 670 multiethnic pregnant(More)
OBJECTIVES On the basis of information from studies of older adults, smoking is considered to be an important risk factor for periodontal disease. Examining periodontal loss of attachment among younger adults means a lower contribution from cumulative exposure to other environmental risk factors. The aim of this study was to examine the role of chronic(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of overhanging margins and associated periodontal status in 100 patients who had received completed treatment by final year dental students. Pockets, bleeding on probing and clinically detectable overhanging margins were recorded on all posterior teeth. Overhanging margins on approximal restorations(More)
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  • 1998
People in developing countries are burdened excessively by oral diseases, particularly periodontal disease. These are aggravated by poverty, poor living conditions, ignorance concerning health education, and lack of government funding and policy to provide sufficient oral health care workers. WHO and FDI have identified the problems and developed(More)
AIM This study compared the oral health efficacy of Persica mouthwash (containing an extract of Salvadora persica) with that of a placebo. DESIGN In a double-blind, cross-over trial, participants were randomly allocated to use either the Persica mouthwash or a placebo for a three-week period. Plaque accumulation, gingival bleeding and the salivary(More)
A postal survey was sent to the 1,122 members of the New Zealand Dental Association holding practising certificates in 1989. Replies were received from 53 percent, of whom 80 percent were general dental practitioners, and 45 percent had previously experienced working overseas with hygienists. Only 1 percent of respondents were opposed to any type of(More)
A double-blind study evaluated the effects of systemic and topical folate on gingival inflammation during the fourth and eighth months of pregnancy. Thirty women were randomly divided into three groups. Group A received placebo mouthwash and tablets; Group B; placebo mouthwash and 5 mg folate tablets; Group C: folate mouthwash and placebo tablets.(More)