Angela Perkins

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The activity of thymoleptics, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) and amphetamine-like antidepressants were compared in biochemical and pharmacological tests. Thymoleptics, MAOI ~nd amphetamine-like compounds all produced a calorigenic action in animals treated with reserpine t7 hours previously. Reserpine-induced ptosis was reversed by drugs from each(More)
  • A C Perkins
  • 1998
Murine embryonic stem (ES) cells are pluripotent. When injected into blastocysts they can give rise to every cell type of a derived chimeric mouse including germ cells. Embryonic stem cells also possess remarkable in vitro differentiation potential. When removed from stromal support and leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF), ES cells differentiate into(More)
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