Angela P. Murillo

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Sphaerosiderite, a morphologically distinct millimeter-scale spherulitic siderite (FeCO3 ), forms predominantly in wetland soils and sediments, and is common in the geologic record. Ancient sphaerosiderites are found in paleosol horizons within coal-bearing stratigraphic intervals and, like their modern counterparts, are interpreted as having formed in(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigates how people use the Internet to search for an altruistic kidney donor. Although many opinion pieces on this phenomenon have been written, this is the first qualitative study focused on online kidney solicitation from the potential recipient's point of view. METHODS Eight participants - four who successfully found donors(More)
This paper outlines the preliminary proposal plans for dissertation research to examine cyberinfrastructure and interoperability elements that facilitate or interfere with data sharing and reuse. The paper includes a brief review of the literature, a description of previous studies, a preliminary plan for dissertation research, and expected contributions to(More)
8:00-8:15 Welcome and Introductions Helen Tibbo 8:15-8:30 Overview of the Day’s Topics Cal Lee 8:30-9:00 Curation Needs and Behaviors  Carolyn Hank The Blog Archiving Landscape: Services and Approaches for Personal Blog Preservation  Matt Kirschenbaum – More than Words: Literary Authorship and Word Processing  Doug Reside – On Becoming a Digital Curator(More)
Metadata is crucial for understanding data, and can be viewed as a form of capital in the context of Big data. This paper reports on research simulating the potential of SGHI (Self-Generated Health Information) for predicting asthma episodes. A data set of 2,000 cases was generated using the Monte Carlo simulation method, with secondary modifications on air(More)
The Data-At-Risk and Rescue Initiative (DARI), an extension of the international CODATA Data-at-Risk Task Group (DARTG), is investigating how to best document data rescue efforts. This poster reports on a metadata-driven content analysis, and presents a metadata scheme for documenting data rescue. Twenty data rescue projects were reviewed for background(More)
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