Angela O'Dea

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OBJECTIVE To better understand how human error contributes to U.S. Navy diving accidents. BACKGROUND An analysis of 263 U.S. Navy diving accident and mishap reports revealed that the human factors classifications were not informative for further analysis, and 70% of mishaps were attributed to unknown causes; only 23% were attributed to human factors. (More)
OBJECTIVE Previous gestational diabetes (GDM) is associated with a significant lifetime risk of type 2 diabetes. In this study, we assessed the performance of HbA1c and fasting plasma glucose (FPG) measurements against that of 75 g oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) for the follow-up screening of women with previous GDM. METHODS Two hundred and(More)
The healthcare industry has seen an increase in the adoption of team training, such as crew resource management (CRM), to improve teamwork and coordination within acute care medical teams. A meta-analysis was carried out in order to quantify the effects of CRM training on reactions, learning, behaviour and clinical care outcomes. Biases in the research(More)
AIMS This paper examines the association between gestational diabetes mellitus and costs of care during pregnancy and 2-5 years post pregnancy. METHODS Healthcare utilization during pregnancy was measured for a sample of 658 women drawn from the Atlantic Diabetes in Pregnancy (ATLANTIC DIP) network. Healthcare utilization 2-5 years post pregnancy was(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a 12-week group-based lifestyle intervention programme for women with prediabetes following gestational diabetes (GDM). DESIGN A two-group, mixed methods randomized controlled trial in which 50 women with a history of GDM and abnormal glucose tolerance postpartum were randomly assigned to intervention (n = 24) or wait control (n =(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to collect and analyse examples of poor teamwork between junior doctors and nurses; identify the teamwork failures contributing to poor team function; and ascertain if particular teamwork failures are associated with higher levels of risk to patients. DESIGN Critical Incident Technique interviews were carried out with junior(More)
Previous knowledge that differences exist between the metabolism of prorein administered orally and that of protein administered parenterally has rested largely on studies of urinary nitrogen and sugar excretion (3, 8). The methods now available for labeling plasma proteins with C ~4 (radiocarbon) provide more direct ways and means of following the(More)
BACKGROUND A consistent finding in health care is that interns (junior physicians) are unwilling to "speak up" to attendings or consultants (senior physicians), which involves the related behaviors of challenging or questioning the actions of attendings, seeking guidance about one's own performance, and reporting one's errors. Training designed to encourage(More)
INTRODUCTION There are a variety of qualitative and quantitative tools for measuring safety climate. However, questionnaires are by far the most commonly used methodology. METHOD This paper reports the descriptive analysis of a large sample of safety climate survey data (n=110,014) collected over 10 years from U.S. Naval aircrew using the Command Safety(More)