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Escaping the Ties That Bind: Exchange Rate Choice Under Central Bank Independence
Central bank independence has been seen as an effective way to achieve low inflation. However, by increasing the likelihood that the government will adopt a fixed exchange rate rather than maintainExpand
Social-Behavioral Modeling for Complex Systems:
This volume describes frontiers in social-behavioral modeling for contexts as diverse as national security, health, and on-line social gaming. Expand
Considerations for Integrating Women into Closed Occupations in U.S. Special Operations Forces
Abstract : The elimination in 2013 of the Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule potentially has opened to women some 15,500 SOF positions in specialties such as Special Forces, Rangers,Expand
Political Investment: Remittances and Elections
International remittances are the second largest source of external funding for developing countries. While scholars and policymakers have focused on the economic and personal factors influencingExpand
The Incredible Shrinking State
The effects of economies of scale in government, trade openness, preference heterogeneity, and regime type are used to explain why the average size of states within the international system nearlyExpand
A Computational Model of Public Support for Insurgency and Terrorism: A Prototype for More-General Social-Science Modeling
Abstract : This report is part of a longer-term research agenda that began with a 2008-2009 RAND study reviewing and integrating social-science knowledge related to counterterrorism. That study usedExpand
International Scrutiny and Pre-Electoral Fiscal Manipulation in Developing Countries
Pre-electoral fiscal manipulation—spending more or taxing less prior to an election—is an important tool that governments possess to enhance their chances for reelection. Existing explanations ofExpand
Engineering Good Times: Fiscal Manipulation in a Global Economy
In a global economy, a country’s international economic ties affect both how desirable pre-electoral fiscal manipulation is to the government, and how costly it is to the government to engage in suchExpand
Defense Institution Building in Africa: An Assessment
This report assesses U.S. efforts in defense institution building (DIB) in Africa and suggests possible improvements to planning and execution. It first defines DIB and reviews some best practicesExpand