Angela Nanos-Webb

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The cyclin E-cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) complex accelerates entry into the S phase of the cell cycle and promotes polyploidy, which may contribute to genomic instability in cancer cells. The effect of low molecular weight isoforms of cyclin E (LMW-E) overexpression on mitotic progression and its link to genomic instability were the focus of this(More)
Low molecular weight cyclin E (LMW-E) plays an important oncogenic role in breast cancer. LMW-E, which is not found in normal tissue, can promote the formation of aggressive tumors and can lead to increased genomic instability and tumorigenesis. Additionally, breast cancer patients whose tumors express LMW-E have a very poor prognosis. Therefore, we(More)
The high frequency of relapse of epithelial ovarian tumors treated with standard chemotherapy has highlighted the necessity to identify targeted therapies that can improve patient outcomes. The dynamic relationship between cyclin E and PKCiota frequent overexpression in high-grade ovarian tumors poses a novel pathway for therapeutic investigation. We(More)
Regulation of the sumoylation system at the level of gene expression has not yet been explored. To begin to define transcriptional regulatory features, the promoter region for the SUMO1 gene was cloned from human genomic DNA and characterized. Initially, a 532 base pair fragment upstream of and including the predicted SUMO1 transcription start site (TSS)(More)
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