Angela Miller

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Recent research has demonstrated that social responsiveness (comprised of social awareness, social information processing, reciprocal social communication, social motivation, and repetitive/restricted interests) is continuously distributed within the general population. In the present study, we consider temperament as a co-occurring source of individual(More)
The systematic evaluation of changes in animal management practices is critical to ensuring the best possible welfare. Here, we examined the behavioral impacts of intermittently housing our six adult female tigers, who have been housed socially for much of their lives, individually overnight to allow for specialized care required by their advancing age. We(More)
Little is known about how socially housed captive carnivores respond to temporary reductions in available space. We documented rates of aggression and affiliation in our group of six female tigers, under their normal housing conditions and during a period of exhibit renovations which resulted in a 50% reduction in time spent in an outdoor enclosure. During(More)
Kinetics studies of the OH-initiated oxidation of 2-butyne, propyne, and acetylene were conducted at 100 Torr and 298 K using turbulent flow chemical ionization mass spectrometry. The major oxidation products were identified, and with the aid of supporting electronic structure thermodynamics calculations, a general OH-initiated oxidation mechanism for the(More)
BACKGROUND The lack of new anthelmintic agents is of growing concern because it affects human health and our food supply, as both livestock and plants are affected. Two principal factors contribute to this problem. First, nematode resistance to anthelmintic drugs is increasing worldwide and second, many effective nematicides pose environmental hazards. In(More)
This study explored the relationships of oral reading speed and error rate on comprehension with second and third grade students with identified reading risk. The study included 920 2nd graders and 974 3rd graders. Participants were assessed using Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) and the Woodcock Reading Mastery Test (WRMT) Passage(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Several individuals from the California Air Resources Board contributed to this project. We particularly want to thank Nehzat Motallebi for her steadfast encouragement and useful input throughout the contract period, along with William Vance and Chris Jakober for providing useful comments on the draft version of this report. The success of(More)
Although literature on the reproduction of captive tigers is plentiful, there is little information on other social behaviors, particularly within large social groupings. Here we report on the long-term monitoring of social behaviors in six female tigers (Panthera tigris). Over a period of 6 years, behavioral data were collected on spraying, vocalizations,(More)