Angela McKenna

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The effects of growth, menstrual status, and calcium supplementation on iron status were studied over 4 y in 354 girls in pubertal stage 2 who were premenarcheal at baseline (x+/-SD age: 10.8+/-0.8 y). Girls were randomly assigned to placebo or treatment with 1000 mg Ca/d as calcium citrate malate. Anthropometric characteristics, bone mass, and nutritional(More)
There is increasing evidence that calcium intake up to the threshold amount (1480 mg/d) increases bone mass during growth. However, there is concern that such a high calcium intake may interfere with the utilization of other nutrients such as zinc, which is also important for skeletal development. The purpose of our study was to investigate the effect of(More)
This paper presents a decision support system for treatment planning in brain cancer radiotherapy. The aim of a radiotherapy treatment plan is to apply radiation in a way that destroys tumour cells but minimizes the damage to healthy tissue and organs at risk. Treatment planning for brain cancer patients is a complex decision-making process that relies(More)
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