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Following laws and provisions passed on the national and international level, the most relevant goal of future vehicular interfaces is to increase road safety. To alleviate the cogni-tive load associated with the interaction with the variety of emerging information and assistance systems in the car (and to increase driving performance as well), subliminal(More)
Findings from three experiments support the conclusion that auditory primes facilitate the processing of related targets. In Experiments 1 and 2, we employed a crossmodal Stroop color identification task with auditory color words (as primes) and visual color patches (as targets). Responses were faster for congruent priming, in comparison to neutral or(More)
Recent development in Car-To-Car research has brought up different use cases mostly focussed on safety related applications. Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are crucial for bringing these information to the users' attention. Even more difficult is the HMI design when it comes to user-initiated queries on the basis of this technology. This paper discusses(More)
Contents being conveyed to the driver by in-car information and warning systems are becoming more and more diverse and complex. Hence, new solutions beyond sounds and graphical interfaces are apparently needed for rapid dis-ambiguation of presentations. This paper provides a short overview about speech warnings for drivers and describes new insights about(More)
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