Angela M. M. P. Valente

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Clinical, historical, neuropsychological, and biological correlates of lateral ventricular enlargement on computed tomography (CT scan) were explored in a sample of DSM-III schizophrenics. Patients with enlarged ventricles, as compared with those whose ventricles were normal, presented a longer duration of illness and mean duration of hospitalization, and(More)
Cognitive impairment and deficits in social skills have been largely documented in patients with schizophrenia and are increasingly recognized as rate-limiting factors for recovery. Evidence has been provided that cognitive training and social skills training (SST) are effective to treat cognitive and social skills impairment in schizophrenia; however, the(More)
A comprehensive assessment of computed tomography (CT) with respect to clinical, historical and neuropsychological variables has been carried out in a sample of DSM III schizophrenics fairly heterogeneous with respect to duration and severity of illness and in a normal control group matched for sex, age and educational level. The mean value of ventricular(More)
Endophytic fungi are considered a rich source of active compounds resulting from their secondary metabolism. Fungi from marine environment grow in a habitat with unique conditions that can contribute to the activation of metabolic pathways of synthesis of different unknown molecules. The production of these compounds may support the adaptation and survival(More)
The chemical reactions carried out by microorganisms have been used as a tool in modern chemistry. This paper reports the production of mycophenolic acid and a new phthalide by the endophytic fungus Penicillium crustosum obtained from coffee seeds. The fungus was cultivated in a liquid medium for a period of seven days and after that the culture medium was(More)
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