Angela M Kubacki

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OBJECTIVES The effect of introducing professional skills training on students' patient-centred attitudes and perceptions of ability to communicate was examined. The professional skills training included weekly training in communication skills, ethics and law, and clinical skills. METHODS Consecutive cohorts of medical students receiving a traditional(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigated whether the introduction of professional development teaching in the first two years of a medical course improved students' observed communication skills with simulated patients. Students' observed communication skills were related to patient-centred attitudes, confidence in communicating with patients and performance in(More)
  • A Kubacki
  • 1986
A total of 74 manic or hypomanic episodes were scrutinized in 31 probands (18 women and 13 men), followed over the years by the author on an outpatient basis. These turned out to herald bipolar affective illness in some 70 percent of males and almost 40% of females. Unipolar mania occurred twice as often in men, as it did in women (38.4% vs. 22.2%). Men(More)