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Web Médica Acreditada Guidelines: Reliability and Quality of Health Information on Spanish-Language Websites
The number of websites providing health information and services on the Internet increases day by day. The quality of these websites is very variable and difficult to assess. There are manyExpand
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MedIEQ-Quality labelling of medical web content using multilingual information extraction.
Quality of Internet health information is essential because it has the potential to benefit or harm a large number of people and it is therefore essential to provide consumers with some tools to aidExpand
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Quality labelling of medical web content
As the number of medical websites in various languages increases, it is increasingly necessary to establish specific criteria and control measures that give consumers some guarantee that the healthExpand
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Text mining and expert curation to develop a database on psychiatric diseases and their genes
Abstract Psychiatric disorders constitute one of the main causes of disability worldwide. During the past years, considerable research has been conducted on the genetic architecture of such diseases,Expand
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Using Electronic Health Records to Assess Depression and Cancer Comorbidities.
Comorbid diseases are an important concern in oncology since they can affect the choice and effectiveness of treatment. What is particularly relevant is the fact that the diagnosis of depression inExpand
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How medical doctors and students should use Social Media: a review of the main guidelines for proposing practical recommendations.
Social Media has grown exponentially and in the last few years there has been an increasing use amongst medical doctors and students. There is intense debate about the complexities of ensuringExpand
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Applying Semantic Web technologies to improve the retrieval, credibility and use of health-related web resources
The number of health-related websites is increasing day-by-day; however, their quality is variable and difficult to assess. Various “trust marks” and filtering portals have been created in order toExpand
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Detecting Signs of Depression in Tweets in Spanish: Behavioral and Linguistic Analysis
Background Mental disorders have become a major concern in public health, and they are one of the main causes of the overall disease burden worldwide. Social media platforms allow us to observe theExpand
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[Health information on the Internet and trust marks as quality indicators: vaccines case study].
OBJECTIVES To find out the prevalence of quality trust marks present in websites and to analyse the quality of these websites displaying trust marks compared with those that do not display them, inExpand
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Automating Accreditation of Medical Web Content
The increasing amount of freely available health-related web content generates, on one hand, excellent conditions for self-education of patients as well as physicians, but on the other hand entailsExpand
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