Angela Kazmierczak

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We present the design, fabrication, and characterisation of an array of optical slot-waveguide ring resonator sensors, integrated with microfluidic sample handling in a compact cartridge, for multiplexed real-time label-free biosensing. Multiplexing not only enables high throughput, but also provides reference channels for drift compensation and control(More)
We present a passive novel optical add-drop filter incorporating microdisk resonators, in complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor compatible silicon-on-insulator technology, which enables a simple layout of complex optical networks-on-chip. The measured properties of the fabricated devices are in agreement with theory, established using the time-domain(More)
A new approach for an electrically driven microlaser based on a microdisk transferred onto Silicon is proposed. The structure is based on a quaternary InGaAsP p-i-n junction including three InAsP quantum wells, on a thin membrane transferred onto silicon by molecular bonding. A p++/n++ tunnel junction is used as the p-type contact. The technological(More)
In this paper, we present the design, fabrication, and characterization of a highly integrated optical 4 x 4 crossbar based on microring resonator add-drop filters. The designed crossbar structure, as small as 50 mum x 50 mum, has been fabricated in CMOS compatible silicon on insulator technology. Finally, experimental results proving the proper operation(More)
Point-of-care diagnostic devices typically require six distinct qualities: they must deliver at least the same sensitivity and selectivity, and for a cost per assay no greater than that of today's central lab technologies, deliver results in a short period of time (<15 min at GP; <2h in hospital), be portable or at least small in scale, and require no(More)
Off-leash dog parks are very popular locations that allow pets to freely exercise and eliminate wastes in a controlled environment. Although dog park rules require that solid waste be removed by the pet’s owner, urine-borne constituents in dog-park soils have received little attention. This study focused on the soils within two small-dog, off-leash dog(More)
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