Angela Jeffreys

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Engineered heart tissue (EHT) is a potential therapy for heart failure and the basis of functional in vitro assays of novel cardiovascular treatments. Self-organizing EHT can be generated in fiber form, which makes the assessment of contractile function convenient with a force transducer. Contractile function is a key parameter of EHT performance. Analysis(More)
Salmonella enteritidis is a major foodborne microbial pathogen that can grow and survive at low temperatures for a considerable period of time. Increased survival was evidenced from a frozen S. enteritidis culture when treated at 10 degrees C prior to freezing. Western blot analysis with Escherichia coli CspA antibody and analysis of radiolabeled proteins(More)
BACKGROUND Engineered heart tissue (EHT) is being developed for clinical implantation in heart failure or congenital heart disease and therefore requires a comprehensive functional characterization and scale-up of EHT. Here we explored the effects of scale-up of self-organizing EHT and present detailed electrophysiologic and contractile functional(More)
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