Angela J. Fry

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A well-trained subject, age 38, ran continously for periods ranging from 60 to 165 min on a motor-driven treadmill at 255.7 m/min while confronted with an airflow equivalent to running speed in cool, moderate, and hot environments. After a period of intensive heat acclimatization, treadmill runs were repeated in the moderate and hot conditions. Measurements(More)
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control-region (CR) sequences were analysed to address three questions regarding the evolution of geographical variation in song sparrows. (i) Are mtDNA sequences more informative about phylogenetic relationships and population history than previously published restriction fragment (RFLP) data? (ii) Are song sparrow CR sequences(More)
1. A new technique for monitoring the deep body temperature is described. The technique depends on creating a zone of zero heat-flow across the body shell; this brings the deep body temperature to the skin surface where it is measured with a simple electronic thermometer. 2. The new device gives a temperature closely comparable with other methods for(More)
We have examined the use of serum myoglobin concentration in the management of cases of suspected acute myocardial infarction (AMI). In a series of 51 patients myoglobin, used as a discriminant, correctly identified 97% (28/29) of cases as AMI with one false positive. Initial clinical judgement based on history, examination and the electrocardiogram(More)
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