Angela J. Churchill

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KRAB domain Zinc finger proteins are one of the most abundant families of transcriptional regulators in higher vertebrates. The prevailing view is that KRAB domain proteins function as potent transcriptional repressors by recruiting TRIM28 and promoting heterochromatin spreading. However, the extent to which all KRAB domain proteins are TRIM28-dependent(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a tool and evaluate its content validity and utility. The tool was designed to be used by women to assess lifestyle and psychosocial factors that could impact their pregnancies and unborn babies. It also provided resources for self-help. DESIGN Methodological study in 4 phases. SETTING Alberta Health Services, Calgary area and(More)
Many pancreatic transcription factors that are essential for islet cell differentiation have been well characterized; however, because they are often expressed in several different cell populations, their functional hierarchy remains unclear. To parse out the spatiotemporal regulation of islet cell differentiation, we used a Neurog3-Cre allele to ablate(More)
PURPOSE To design and establish content and face validity of an evidence-informed tool that promotes parental self-reflection during the transition to parenthood. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS The New Parent Checklist was developed using a three-phase sequential approach: Phase 1 a scoping review and expert consultation to develop and refine a prototype tool;(More)
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