Angela Hennessey

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In earlier work REM sleep deprivation (RSD) by arousals improved endogenous depression. This suggested that drugs producing a similar RSD would have antidepressant activity. The arousal RSD was large, persisted for weeks, and was followed by a REM rebound. We call RSD with these properties arousal-type RSD. The present study reviewed literature from 1962 to(More)
To implement cooperative learning successfully in practice, teachers require knowledge of cooperative learning, its features and terms, and how it functions in classrooms. This qualitative study examined 12 Australian generalist primary teachers', understandings of cooperative learning and perceived factors affecting its implementation. Using Johnson and(More)
Our laboratory has proposed a new animal model of endogenous depression. The proposal is that in rats neonatal clomipramine (CLI) produces adult animals that model endogenous depression. Diminished sexual activity is a salient behavioral abnormality found in endogenous depression. This suggests that an animal model of endogenous depression should show(More)
Previous studies found that months after clorimipramine (CLI) treatment of male neonatal rats, the mature animals developed behavioral deficits and REM sleep abnormalities that modeled human endogenous depression. In the initial studies neonatal rats received CLI 30 mg/kg/IP daily from age 8 through 21 days. Diminished sexual activity of the adult rats(More)
Students/trainees are underlined. (2012). Factors associated with the age at which children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in six regions of Canada. (2012). Teaching university students to implement the Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities using computer-aided personalized system of instruction. (2012). Evaluation of a self-instructional(More)
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