Angela Hartley

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The entire coding sequence of the p53 gene was analysed for the presence of mutations in 12 families conforming to a restricted definition of Li-Fraumeni syndrome (classic LFS) and nine families with features of LFS conforming to a broader definition. Mutations were detected in seven families. Six were point mutations with one each affecting codons 175,(More)
The inter-regional epidemiological study of childhood cancer analysed data on 234 children diagnosed with leukaemia or lymphoma and 468 controls matched for age and sex. A wide range of potential risk factors was examined, including prenatal exposure to x rays, maternal drug ingestion and smoking, child's medical history, and parental medical conditions and(More)
The Inter-Regional Epidemiological Study of Childhood Cancer included 43 cases of soft tissue and 30 cases of bone sarcomas, together with their 146 matched controls. Analysis of a wide range of aetiological factors revealed few risk factors relating to events during the index pregnancy, the earlier medical experiences of the case child, or parental(More)
We report a family with the Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS) in whom we have been unable to detect a mutation in the coding sequence of the p53 gene. Analysis of linkage to three polymorphic markers within p53 enabled direct involvement of p53 to be excluded. This is the first example of a LFS family in whom exclusion of p53 has been possible. Four affected(More)
The Inter-Regional Epidemiological Study of Childhood Cancer (IRESCC) collected interview and medical information relating to the child's past medical experiences from parents of 555 children diagnosed with cancer and parents of 1110 unaffected matched controls. No significant associations emerged overall for ante-natal care, place and mode of delivery,(More)
A total of 468 cases of bone, soft tissue and visceral sarcomas (and certain other tumours) diagnosed during the years 1982-84 in North West England were entered in a study of histopathological peer review, incidence and survival. This paper describes the effects of peer review. Material was reviewed by a panel of five pathologists for 413 of the 450 cases(More)
Mothers of a population-based series of 86 children with osteosarcoma or chondrosarcoma were traced and their health status or cause of death ascertained. There were 6 cases of breast cancer among these mothers and 6 other cancers. Risk of breast cancer was approximately three times that expected, and appeared to be highest in mothers of boys and in mothers(More)
Analysis of information obtained in an inter-regional epidemiological study by interviewing the parents of 555 children with malignancy diagnosed between 1980 to 1983 and the parents of 1110 control children did not reveal any significant association between exposure to ultrasound examination in pregnancy and risk of childhood cancer.
Tumours of the central nervous system comprise 23% of all childhood cancers and form the most common group of solid malignancies. Little is know about their aetiology. The present report concerns the results of a case-control study of 78 incident cases of central nervous system tumours in children. No case-control differences were detected for the(More)
Information was obtained on the health status or cause of death in the mothers of a population-based series of 143 children with soft tissue sarcomas. Among these mothers there were 6 cases of breast cancer. All 6 women were pre-menopausal and 2 had bilateral disease. This represents a significant 3-fold excess risk of breast cancer. Malignant disease had(More)