Angela Hamilton

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In this paper, MASCONTROL, a multiagent system (MAS) for system identification and process control, is presented. This MAS implements a self-tuning regulator (STR) scheme. In this work, an ontology agent (OA) is included, using DAML+OIL as ontology language. From their experience, the authors consider this architecture highly useful for identification and(More)
A project is normally undertaken to produce a product or facility that has been deemed necessary to satisfy a need. Within the total life cycle of a project, from start to finish, the period that often receives less than the attention and effort it deserves is the initial start-up phase. The start-up or concept phase is defined as that period prior to(More)
In a previous communication, we showed that 3-adrenergic stimulation of cardiac muscle was associated with an increase in the rate of cycling of crossbridges as measured by perturbation analysis in the frequency domain. In this analysis, the frequency at which dynamic stiffness is a minimum ( is taken as a measure of the rate of crossbridge cycling. In(More)
In this paper we present a method that relies on swarm intelligence to confront the problem of navigating in non-structured dynamic environments. The collective behavior of a group of particles is used to find an obstacle-free path that is able to adapt its course as the structure of the environment changes. Of particular importance is the rule that governs(More)