Angela Grassi

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OBJECTIVE To determine prevalence and complications of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)-associated uveitis, and to evaluate risk factors for uveitis and its relation to articular disease. METHODS Records of 309 patients with JIA (244 female, 65 male, mean age at onset 4.9 yrs) were retrospectively reviewed. Occurrence of uveitis and complications were(More)
The author describe a rare case of pancreatic beta-cell hyperplasia. The patient was referred to us because of serious hypoglycemic crises. During hospitalization, endogenous hyperinsulinism was confirmed by hematochemical and instrumental tests. AngioCT of the pancreas evidenced a small lesion of the corpus, suspected of insulinoma. The patient underwent a(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect on the timing of menarche of the different subtypes of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JCA) and their therapies. METHODS Auxological data (including the age at menarche of themselves and their mothers) were collected from 83 females regularly attending our rheumatological unit. Malnourished patients were excluded from the(More)
The existing registries of thyroid carcinoma are seldom comparable as far as epidemiological data, diagnostic criteria and histopatological description are concerned. Epidemiological studies report a progressive increase in the incidence of thyroid carcinoma in the last twenty years and in both sexes this increase of incidence has been referred to papillary(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze clinical characteristics, cardiac outcome and response to therapy of an Italian pediatric population affected with acute rheumatic fever (ARF) in the last 15 years. METHODS 135 patients with ARF (aged 2-14.9 years, mean 8.4+/-2.5 years) diagnosed from 1992 to 2006 at the Pediatric Rheumatology Centre of the University of Milan (Italy)(More)
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