Angela G. Schilling

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Cytoplasmatic male sterility (CMS) is the basis for commercial hybrid seed production of rye. Nuclear restorer genes are indispensable for a complete restoration of fertility of the CMS lines. The drawbacks of current European restorer lines require the utilisation of new genetic resources that have been recently detected in an Iranian primitive rye(More)
Fusarium graminearum andF. culmorum are capable of infecting winter cereals at all growth stages. From natural field epidemics of wheat head blight and rye foot rot, three fungal populations were collected with 21, 38 and 54 isolates, respectively; their aggressiveness was analyzed in comparison to collections ofF. graminearum (25 isolates) andF. culmorum(More)
Fusarium culmorum is a phytopathogenic, toxigenic fungus causing seedling diseases, foot rot and head blight of cereals. For estimating competition effects in mixtures of two single-spore isolates, two winter rye single crosses were tested with either four isolates individually or four 1 : 1 mixtures of the same isolates in six field environments. Two(More)
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