Angela G Rincón

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The HUmic-LIke Substances (HULIS) fraction isolated from aerosol samples collected at a rural location of the Pearl River Delta Region (PRD), China, during the harvest season was analyzed by both positive and negative mode electrospray ionization (ESI) coupled with an ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometer (UHRMS). With the remarkable resolving power and(More)
Aerosol particles affect the Earth's energy balance by absorbing and scattering radiation according to their chemical composition, size, and shape. It is generally believed that their optical properties could be deduced from the molecular composition of the complex organic matter contained in these particles, a goal pursued by many groups via(More)
BACKGROUND The study was carried out in order to assess the inter-observer reliability and validity in respect of clinical appraisal given by the Appropriateness Evaluation Protocol (AEP), in the context of the Spanish Public Hospital System. MATERIAL AND METHOD In order to assess the reliability a total of 614 hospital stays chosen at random from 56(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGRAUND: Fear of adverse effects (AE) represents a frequent reason among healthcare workers (HCW) for not deciding to receive influenza vaccine. This investigation is carried out with the objectives of knowing the frequency of AE and the factors associated with them after the administration of influenza vaccines in the 2009-2010 season in HCW.(More)
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